Who we are

We are Globiq.

Globiq offers solutions that convert text from (electronic) paper documents into reliable digital information, which can be processed automatically using straight through processing. Start saving directly by limiting the need for manual processing in your organization. Errors are minimized and documents can be easily found and retrieved digitally making physical storage not necessary.

All solutions created by Globiq are cloud based and use the latest technology. Using open and common standards there is always a fit with your company’s processes.

Globiq is also able to handle parts of your data-entry process, stepping in where you need help immediately. Using your regular automating processes, Globiq executes any manual data-entry labor flexible and fast.

All solutions are aimed on helping your process and the environment. We ensure that your data is always available for you and securely stored when being processed in our service.

Globiq processes - among others - the following document types:

  • invoices
  • consignments
  • sales orders
  • forms
  • purchase orders

Working solutions

Unlike other automation solutions a quick and smooth start is possible. You do not invest in software or hardware, but in a smart solution. We run our proven software in the cloud and provide efficient communication between you and your trading partners. Our centralized solution is safe and robust and is available with minimal initial project cost on your side.

We ensure that this solution matches your needs. Our web-based solutions are available from any workstation. If desired, we can integrate our solution into your own office environment.

Quality and reliability

Together with you we determine the objectives to be met. Depending on the conditions that you set on the incoming data, we can control and guarantee an almost 100% recognition. The quality of recognition is secured by a smart combination of automated controls with old-fashioned visual checks.



Challenge us with your problem. Globiq can provide free of charge a proposal on how the solutions could work for you. Contact us and request a demonstration of the service, catered to your specific business challenge.