Receive your documents electronically

Your business partners send you various documents (such as sales orders, packing slips, invoices) in various formats (including TIFF, PDF, paper). Every business partner uses different formatting of the documents. Often the information also varies per partner. This gives you a lot of work to process received documents into your own system.

This can be done easier!

Globiq retrieves the relevant information from all these different types of documents and incorporates this directly into your own system. No expensive software needed, our pragmatic approach allows you to start immediately processing your invoices or sales order directly into your ERP system. Our aim is to process your paper electronically starting now.

Most ERP systems offer nowadays the possibility to create PDF documents directly from the financial system. Some are even able to automatically send out these documents per email. An estimated 80 to 90 percent of all suppliers has this possibility. You will request your suppliers to start sending their documents to the your Globiq email account.

Suppliers who are not able to create and send a PDF by email will have the following alternatives:

  • use our outgoing solution, (link)
  • print the document, scan it and send it by email (manually)

Any paper documents still reaching you, can be scanned by you or Globiq. You open a mailbox and let Globiq digitize and process your incoming paper documents.

Some vendors have the ability to send other e-documents. Globiq is also able to receive and process those. Aside from email, Globiq is able to receive documents via the following channels:(S)FTP, AS2, HTTPS, EDI (X.400).

Receive FAQ’s

How does it work?
You deliver your documents in paper or pdf. Globiq scans the paper documents into a pdf file. Globiq recognizes the relevant data and stores the digitized data and the original document. You can then choose how and in what format you want to receive the digital data. Globiq checks each received document and determines whether the document meets your specific data requirements.
What are the benefits?
Processing electronic documents is much faster than processing paper documents. You instantly save by not having to open envelopes and type over information. You are flexible to process large (single) volume documents. The electronic processing of documents relieves manual labour in the organization so you can concentrate on your core business. Moreover, you deliver a clear message about environmental responsibility.
What does it cost?
The electronic processing of documents starts at 20 cents per document. The final price depends on the number of documents to be processed, the number of fields to recognize, the desired processing speed, and whether or not you need a data quality check.
Which techniques are used?
Globiq uses the proven reliable Oracle database technology for managing your data. If required, we unlock your data using a web portal written using Oracle Application Express. For smooth and accurate data recognition, we use the OCR software ABBYY FlexiCapture. Our servers run on the Amazon Web Services platform in the Irish data center. Globiq has developed proprietary components that guarentee the availability and reliability of our services.
Who has access?
This you determine. The security of your data is paramount. Unlocking takes place in a way that fits within your business process and that will provide the right information to the right people.
How do I get my suppliers on board?
Globiq also takes care of the "onboarding" of your suppliers. We inform the suppliers with clear brochures and interactive presentations. We help you to convince your suppliers about the benefits of electronic communication.
How do I know it’?
Globiq gives the highest priority to safety. We manage security continuously and proactively. The connection to the Amazon Web Services data center is via encrypted SSL connections. We also use additional encryption to store your data.
What is the roadmap?
Feel free to contact us. Together we look at how we can automate your incoming documents. During a short test period, we check the conversation and process of delivering the recognized data into your (financial) system. Once this is successful, we will inform your suppliers how they can deliver their documents from now on.


Challenge us with your problem. Globiq can provide free of charge a proposal on how the solutions could work for you. Contact us and request a demonstration of the service, catered to your specific business challenge.