Data Entry

Immediate savings on labour intensive processes via a BPO provider who speaks your language

Focus on your core processes

When data-entry is a part of your process, Globiq can take over this task saving you on processing time and money. With a team of motivated people available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, getting started is easy and offers you the support exactly when you need it. In most cases, Globiq will be able to use your current IT solutions in a safe and secured way. Scaling up is possible at any time and in line with your requirements.

Outsourcing a part of your process might be the right step for your business. Reducing cost and restoring focus on what is truly important could push your business forward. Getting started might however look like a daunting task. With Globiq you not only get a flexible and cathered solution but also a partner that speaks your language and invests in a relationship by getting to know your specific challenges. Globiq takes care of the steps getting started, monitors the process closely at all times and ensures you have visiblity all throughout the relationship. Result? A seemless integration ensuring your business to thrive.



Challenge us with your problem. Together with you Globiq can identify how significant improvements in your data-entry processes can be realized. We estimate for you the savings in time and money that can be achieved almost instantly.