Data Archiving

Data archivering

You want to clean up the full cabinets and numerous files. You want to organize your documents.

In the course of time, you have collected a lot of documentation. You have this information logically and conveniently arranged in binders. There are however many binders and more information is coming in every day. You realize loosing more and more valuable time finding your documents.

Globiq digitizes and classifies your documents. Finding them back could not be easier: just googling them.

Now that cleans up!


How does it work?
You discuss with us what you would like to clean up. You scan your documents or send your files to Globiq. We recognize the relevant data and store the digitized information as well as the original. Your files will be returned to you or will be securely destroyed.
What are the benefits?
Searching for electronic documents is much faster than searching for paper documents in full files. There will be no more need for physical archive space. You are flexible to process a large number of documents at once. The electronic processing of documents directs the focus again on the core business, data is at hand. Moreover, you send out a clear message on environmental responsibility.
Wat kost het?
Het archiveren van documenten is al mogelijk vanaf 20 eurocent. U betaalt voor het eenmalig digitaliseren en het herkennen van metagegevens. U betaalt een kleine vergoeding per document per jaar en een maandelijks abonnement voor het gebruik van het documentportaal.
Welke techniek wordt gebruikt?
Globiq gebruikt de bewezen betrouwbare database technologie van Oracle voor het beheren van uw gegevens. Desgewenst ontsluiten wij uw gegevens met behulp van een webportaal geschreven met Oracle Application Express. Voor vlotte en correcte gegevens herkenning gebruiken wij de OCR software ABBYY FlexiCapture. Onze servers draaien op het Amazon Web Services platform in het Ierse rekencentrum. Globiq heeft eigen componenten ontwikkeld die de beschikbaarheid en betrouwbaarheid van onze diensten garanderen.
What does it cost?
Archiving documents is possible for as low as 20 eurocents. You pay for the one-time digitizing and the identifying of metadata. You pay a small fee per document per year and a monthly subscription to use the document portal.
Which techniques are used?
Globiq uses the proven reliable Oracle database technology for managing your data. If required, we unlock your data using a web portal written using Oracle Application Express. For smooth and accurate data recognition, we use the OCR software ABBYY FlexiCapture. Our servers run on the Amazon Web Services platform in the Irish data center. Globiq has developed proprietary components that guarentee the availability and reliability of our services.
Who has access?
This you determine. The security of your data is paramount. Unlocking takes place in a way that fits within your business process and that will provide the right information to the right people.
How long are my documents archive?
A digitized document remains a standard 1 year online. Of course, upon request a longer period is possible.
How do I know it’s safe?
Globiq gives the highest priority to safety. We manage security continuously and proactively. The connection to the Amazon Web Services data center is via encrypted SSL connections. We also use additional encryption to store your data.
What is the roadmap?
Feel free to contact us. Together with you we determine the most efficient way to clean up your full filing cabinets. During a short test period, we check the conversion and processing of recognized data in our secured document portal. If desired, we can also deliverd your documents in your own document portal.


Challenge us with your problem. Globiq can provide free of charge a proposal on how the solutions could work for you. Contact us and request a demonstration of the service, catered to your specific business challenge.